The European Association of Urology

For almost 40 years, the European Association of Urology (EAU) has addressed the most pressing issues of urological care in Europe, through its scientific and educational initiatives, as well as its publications. The EAU delivers training, stimulates

research, organises exchanges and broadcasts information.
More than 16,000 professionals have joined the EAU and together we create and explore numerous opportunities for professional growth and knowledge-sharing


European School of Urology (ESU)

The European School of Urology (ESU) delivers the education needs of urologists on behalf of the EAU Education Office.

We are focussed on teaching and learning in urology, for doctors at any stage of a urological career, and for allied professionals working in the area. We use a range of materials and techniques for effective learning, and also for enhancing the learning experience. Our online materials, and the teaching courses
we run at the EAU Congress and elsewhere, make the European School of Urology a premier educational resource for the profession world-wide. Over 16,000 medical professionals benefit from and help to create forward-looking solutions for continuous improvement, professional growth and knowledge sharing.

The EAU Section of Female and Functional Urology

The ESFFU works in the field of female and functional urology, covering all relevant aspects – from promoting research to encouraging best practices across European countries. The field of functional and female urology is unique: we often deal with diseases that are chronic, difficult

to pinpoint, and that must be considered in the context of adjacent conditions. This is why we work within a broad, multidisciplinary cooperation, which involves neurology, gynecology, psychology and other specialties.